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Rules for registration of marketing research

There are several rules that must be followed when preparing a marketing research in any research work from the write my paper writers:

  1. There must be a blank line between the titles of sections and paragraphs to separate them.

  2. Right indent - 1 cm, left - 3 cm, top - 2 cm, bottom - 2 cm.

  3. Indent for a paragraph - 1.25 cm.

  4. The text interval is one and a half.

  5. Шрифт — 14 Times New Romans.

  6. Insert tables, charts, diagrams and figures with mandatory titles and captions.

  7. Italicized units of work.

  8. The font for footnotes is 12 Times New Romans.

  9. Links within the text are placed in square brackets, for example [24; 632]. 24 - a number indicating the number of the source in the list of references. 632 is the page number of this source. The link can also be formatted as follows - [Krysin, 2006, p. 156].

  10. Text justification. This also applies to tables and charts.

  11. Tables should be in a font smaller than the body text, such as 12 Times New Romans.

Tasks of marketing research

Marketing research allows you to answer the question "why is this happening" in relation to a given market situation. So, marketing research allows analytics to perform the following actions says experts from service:

  1. Find out information about the audience of the company and assess its needs.

  2. Assess the competitiveness of other companies.

  3. Prepare a change plan for the company.

  4. Develop an active marketing campaign.

  5. Understand the strengths and weaknesses of companies that are competitors in the market.

  6. Properly build a pricing procedure.

  7. Make adjustments to the strategy for the most active development of the company's business.

Thus, marketing research provides an opportunity for a novice scientist to independently test his skills and knowledge in practice at, choosing any company he likes for in-depth study and analysis of its economic problems.

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