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We picked up three videos for inspiration and generation of new ideas

When you don't have experience yet, it often seems that ideas for transcribing videos through <a href=""></a> come unexpectedly, and the process itself is out of your control.

At some point, this can slow down your work on the project, and in general, ruin your mood.

However, there are quite consistent techniques that will help guide the thought, to come up with and develop the idea.

To begin with, I'd like to thesis that:

All ideas are around you;

All of your ideas are based on your background;

Any information you have on the project will benefit your idea.

Let's start with the last one.

By the time you've accepted a transcribing order from a client and are now preparing to provide them with a text weighted video, you should have <a href=""></a> on hand and all the information you need gathered.

Let's turn to what the video will be about.

Express the topic in one word and write it down on paper. Now just write down all the associations that arise with individual nouns. That way you will make a semantic cloud, which will help direct your thoughts in the right direction.

Even at this point, you may come up with a few ideas. Even if they seem delusional to you, do not immediately cut them off. Write them out separately, and then try to develop them.

If no ideas come, work with each associative pair from the cloud. And again write down what you get. In this way you can quickly get two or three options for the concept of your future video. Complement and develop the concept into a full-fledged IP by using the collected client information.

And now about the background.

Everything you read, watch, listen to - the ground for as well as nurturing your ideas. We always take something as a basis for our creativity. And then we either develop it into something similar, or we "deny" it in order to create something fundamentally different. So read, watch, and listen more.

We suggest you take a look at "Zen in the Art of Writing" by Ray Bradbury. RELATED RESOURCES: business meeting transcription

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